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Carpentry Work

Carpentry Work

IiKO Concept provides quality range of services starting off with carpentry work and products. The structural design of carpentry work is important to go along with the colours as well as customers’ preferences. We have wide experience in customizing our specialized products ranging from kitchen cabinet, TV console, wardrobe and etc. Prior to building, we provide external and internal conceptual designs and drawing in 3D for visualisation purposes. We provide as well constructural consultations and advices, extracted from our professional perspective and also previous experiences.

Electrical Work

To resolve customers’ tension on detailed electrical wiring system of their home to be, we provide instant consultation and services. We work closely with customers in understanding their needs and of course compromising the practicality of the complicated electrical and plug system. We understand, once concealed, amendments can be tedious, so we illustrate to them in a complete 2D electrical wiring drawings. We then provide concealed wiring work to allow a covered and clean finish.

Plaster Ceiling Work

IiKO Concept provides plaster ceiling services and solutions that can be customized according to customers’ preferred preferences. We offer wide range of designs ranging from classical to trendy designs; L-box, flat ceiling, island, designated ceiling and etc. No plastering job is ever too complex, too vast or even too small and we have many beautiful and unique plaster ceiling solutions that are very affordable.

Wet Work

Follow-up work can be stressful and bothering when comes to physical amendment of the living cabin-home to be. Therefore, we provide solutions to possible wall hacking or extension, as well as tiles filling. We understand the outcome of these physical changes could be unoriginal, so we provide special emphasis and attention to this, by discussing closely with customers; revealing pros and cons, and then decide the ideal solutions to the issue.